Do You Love The N. H. S?

As you know our NHS is under threat, not only from lack of funding but also backdoor privatisation. If you care about our NHS please sign this petition from 38 degrees, it only takes seconds. (38 degrees won’t hassle you either, I have been a member for years). Lets see if we can make a difference and save our NHS.

Thanks for your time.

Dear friend,

The truth about NHS privatisation has been exposed. An undercover investigation has found shocking care failures by private health business Care UK. It’s been caught leaving dangerously ill patients waiting for hours, and using work experience students instead of nurses. [1]

This is what happens when private companies get their hands on our NHS. Care UK boasts that they are the single biggest business helping to privatise the NHS. [2] If we can kick them out of our NHS, it’ll be a major blow to the government’s privatisation project.

Huge public outcry will pile pressure on hospital bosses to shut the door on Care UK – at every hospital they approach.

Can you sign the petition to stop Care UK making a profit out of our hospitals? Your name will be added to a petition where you live to prove that Care UK aren’t wanted anywhere near our local NHS.

Local fights for our NHS can have a huge impact. [2] Decisions about hospitals are made at a local level – where NHS bosses aren’t used to feeling public pressure. The hospital at the centre of last night’s investigation has already called an emergency meeting to rethink their contract with Care UK. [3]

38 Degrees members already know that privatisation is damaging our NHS – and providers like Care UK are a symbol of everything that’s wrong with private healthcare. [4] If 38 Degrees members can make the name of one of the UK’s largest private health companies a dirty word, we’ll make it much harder for the government to sell off our NHS.

A huge campaign by 38 Degrees members against Care UK could throw their plans to privatise our NHS into disarray. Step by step, local petitions will put the focus on every hospital to shut the door on this profit-hungry company. Please sign the petition now:

Care UK is responsible for caring for more than ten million NHS patients, thanks to lucrative deals with local hospitals. But doctors have said that the company shows ‘total disregard’ for patient safety. Despite this, Care UK turned over £728 million last year. [5]

38 Degrees members believe in a properly-funded NHS where politicians listen to doctors and nurses, not vested interests – and where public money goes back into the NHS, not into the pockets of company executives.

So let’s fight to protect our NHS. Together, we can make sure our voice is louder than private health lobbyists – so that when NHS bosses hear the words Care UK, they shut the door. Please sign the petition now:

Thanks for being involved,

Rebecca, Nat, Laura and the 38 Degrees team

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Boom Boom it’s Basil

A BBC report this morning caught my attention, as walker’s we have come across foot paths like these, supposedly rights away blocked with trees, nettles etc and then there are the ones that have lost their signs. So to find out that there is an app, (there’s an app for everything now) that can help. You find your path blocked, you take a photo and sent it off with the name and place and it will be reported and cleared by volunteers. I am going to get hubby to put it on his phone.

DSCF6663 This little fox is getting brave he can often been seen out quite late in the mornings wandering around the roads and gardens. He is quite timid and runs away if you as much as open a window. (I have just had pointed out to me that 6am is not last morning) Why do animals sit in the middle of the road to have a wash? The cat’s do it too. DSCF6667 Winter must be on the way, why? Because the news have reported that the national grid have said they will find it hard to meet demand, like like every year. I am beginning to think they put this message out every year so that they can justify the increases in prices. 💋

Fancy That and Watch Out

There are a couple of programs on the TV I am enjoying at the moment the first is Conspiracy on channel 5, I love a good conspiracy theory, you can see these programs on the link for a short while. The other program is Through the wormhole which is a science program and very interesting, it cover a different subject each week, the link will give you a better insight.

The other thing I wanted to share now that the summer holidays are nearly upon us is a warning to watch out for giant hogweed, it looks like cow parsley, but grows much larger and has a thick purple stems. If you see this on your walks or parks or even road sides, don’t touch it and report it to the environmental agency. It is a very dangerous plant and has been given the equivalent of a ASBO. So take care.




And now just for fun



You Are Clairsentient

You have the ability to feel. You can’t help but experience the emotions and moods of those around you.
In fact, you are so highly intuitive (or psychic) that you know how others are feeling before they realize it themselves.

You are a very emotional person and sensitive to the world around you. Even a book, article, or TV show can deeply affect you.
Your sensitivity is your strength, but it can be a burden at times. You wish that you could care less.

You may benefit by finding others to spend time around who are as sensitive as you are. You need to be around those who tread lightly.
You may also find yourself gravitating toward those who are a bit more stable and secure. Needy people will drain you until you have nothing left.