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Backhanded Racism?

I have been reliving my youth😀 I have been cleaning the fridge/freezers and sings and dancing to ELO, ahhh happy days, not that I am not happy now, but this music was from a time when I was young and summers were always warm, the sun always shone, I didn’t have any achy bits and I believed that anything was possible, silly girl.

Anyway back to the title…

I am not racist,
(chatter, chatter, chatter)

I went out with Jojo my black friend last night
(chatter, chatter, chatter)

We are going to Sammy’s my gay friends wedding at the weekend

Part of an over heard conversation whilst I was waiting in the bank.

Now is it just me or is this a little bit of backhanded racism? Why the need to point out that said friend is black or gay? You wouldn’t say my fat/ disable friend, or would you?

I am going back to dancing, join in now


In, Out Shake It All About

He who closes his ears to the views of others shows little confidence in the integrity of his own views.

William Congreve.

Our 2016 EU referendum voting guide came through the door yesterday, I have been looking forward to this😀 .  The first couple of pages explain who can vote, basical anyone who can vote in an election.  Then the stay vote and the leave vote get a page each, the stay is a friendly blue colour with a couple of pictures happy looking people, the leave page is in a scary warning red, no happy people pictures. Then we have two pages telling you how to vote, even down to how to put an X in the box. Come on who doesn’t know how to put an X in a box?

Sorry if I sound cynical, it’s because I am.

Live, love, Laugh and be HAPPY

Love this

Snow White Learns Witchcraft by Theodora Goss One day she looked into her mother’s mirror. The face looking back was unavoidably old, with wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. I’ve smiled a lot, she thought. Laughed less, and cried a little. A decent life, considered altogether. She’d never asked it the fatal question that leads […]

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Peace at Last

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

I stood watching the cat this morning running around the yard killing bits of twig, climbing the posts to the pergola running across the beams and jumping effortlessly from the top. I wish I was as agile 😄

At last after 27 years the family of the 96 killed in the Hillsborough tragedy can start to heal themselves. Yesterday a jury found that the fans were unlawfully killed, I remember watching it on the news at the time with tears rolling down my face and feeling physically sick. The news footage has been run again over the past couple of days and even now makes me feel the same way. Lets hope that the families can now move forward, give them a thought today and send them some love and bright blessing, even if it is only fro a few seconds.



It’s Here

Today we received the booklet about the referendum according to the first page of facts (?) it states that

1 The EU is our biggest trading partner, they buy 44% of everything we sell.

2 It says remaining inside guarantees our full access to the single market, leaving creates uncertainty and risk.

Are they really saying that if we leave all those companies that get UK goods and services cheap will suddenly stop trading with the UK? who buys the other 56%

3 It says that over the past decade foreign companies have invested £540 billion in the UK.

It says nothing about the amount of British companies that have been sold off to EU companies who have then cut jobs, we have hardly any British companies now.

The next page- Improving our lives

1 It states that leaving the EU would result in economic shock that would put pressure on the value of the pound which would risk higher prices of some household goods and make exporting to Europe harder and more expensive.

What household goods are we talking about here?  Are they things we could produce here, sell here, no export cost, make jobs for people.  So exporting will become more expensive, if people want the goods they will paid the extra for them.  There would be nothing stopping the UK putting up the taxes and making exporting to here more expensive. It cuts both ways.

2. Millions of UK citizens travel abroad every year, roaming charges will be dropped,  EU membership also gives UK citizens travelling in other EU countries the right to access to free or cheaper  public healthcare. some argue little would change if we left the EU. But there are guarantees UK customers would keep these benefits.


If you can afford to travel abroad you can afford to pay for an insurance to cover healthcare, I am sorry if that sounds hard, likewise people from other EU countries who visit here would have to pay for treatment helping out the fast declining NHS. As for the mobile roaming charges, just use your phone less. As far as the last statement there’s no guarantee that they will lose them either.

The next page – What Happens if we leave

  1. leaving would create years of uncertainty and potential economic disruption, this would reduce investment and cost jobs. It will take 10 years to unpick our relationship with the EU and renegotiate.

Really 10 year, why 10 years. 

2 No other country has managed to secure significant access to the single market without having to,

follow EU rules over which they have no say

pay into the EU

accept EU citizens living and working in their country

Now this confused me I thought we did pay into the EU and we did have EU citizens living and working here?!

Next – Controlling immigration and securing our borders

It states that the UK is not part of the EU’s border control which gives us the right to check everyone. The government has negotiated a deal that will make our benefits system less of a draw for EU citizens. some argue that leaving the Eu would give us more freedom to limit immigration. But in return for the economic benefits of access to the EU’s single market, non EU countries have to accept the right of all EU citizens to live and work in their country.

So if we left we would still be able to check people at the borders, nothing changes there.   If leaving means we can’t stop EU citizens from moving here to live, nothing changes there either.

The last pages say

That for every £1 tax paid in tax a little over 1p goes to the EU

OK said like that it doesn’t sound a lot, but it works out to billions of pounds that could be spent here. 


So as suspected  the booklet leans towards scare tactics, it’s now heading for the recycle-bin, I consider it a waste of taxpayers  money.  I would have found a booklet that gave both sides of the argument better, in fact, the fact that only one side has been published makes me think they are scared that we will vote to leave.

Now I am not clever, so I would love to hear your opinions on the matter.