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78 Sleeps to go

October and we are still in Tee-shirts and no socks in the day, windows are still open and fans still on through the night. It’s not stopping me from getting into  Christmas mode, in fact I have been Christmas shopping this morning. Two people are sorted and their gifts are wrapped, three left to do. If you remember I told you some time ago we cut right back on the gift giving a few years ago, and we are thinking about cutting back on card giving this year, when you think about it it is a waste of resources all round, trees that have to be cut down, all the power that goes into making them and what for? Most of them are thrown away at the end of the holiday. We keep ours and use them for shopping lists, I keep special ones, namely those from hubby and number 1 in a box, (see I have a little sentimentally).


And now time for a bit of Bette, I love the hat


Alan Rides Again

Guess who ran up the garden to greet me this morning?

If you put sound on you can hear him.

He can hold his own with the cats, as I was feeding him kitten came out, went into a crouch, waddled her bum and just as I was about to scoop her up, Alan turn and squawked at her. She turned tail and ran back into the house, not the bravest of cats. :) A little later I saw Alan peck the cat from down the road. mmm we have a guard chick.


Meet our lodger

DSC00081 (2) Alan is what we call him, or it could be a her, really not sure. Why Alan I hear you ask, well I will tell you. I opened the kitchen door Friday evening and caught a glimpse of something disappearing behind the shed and said out loud ‘we have a partridge or something in the garden.’ I went down to take a look and it was this chicken, number 1 immediately called it Alan, (Alan Partridge, get it? Yes we know it’s a chicken). So I fed it some seed and then we tried to round it up, it was us running around like headless chickens, go on laugh I know you want to. So we decided to leave it to its own devices thinking it would make its own way back to wherever it came from… It seems to like our garden. It appears to be living in the gap between the green house and the fence which is overgrown with trees and bushes and Alan rather likes the compost heap, Alan is king of the hill :)




I walked into town this morning the air was full of a heavy mist, almost fog and a long forgotten memory popped into my head. I was little again and walking to school wrapped up against the cold and fog, once at school I was ushered into through the  school doors. I wasn’t allowed to stand out in the fog as I suffered with bronchitis. I remember I would hang up my coat and go and sit in the book corner and always picked up the same book and looked at the same picture. A full page picture of fairies painting each others wings, pots of up turned paints all around them. How I loved that picture.


The fog also reminded me that autumn is close by and Christmas not far away, this fact was driven home by the fact the Christmas puds were being put on the shelves in the supermarket. :D



Haven’t I Said This Before ?

On the news this morning, a report that said there is a lack of young people going into the craft industry, potter, metal work, glass blowing that type of thing. The reason for this according to the executive director of crafts council is that  children no longer do G.C.S.E’s which used to cover these types of subjects. I have long lamented the demise of ‘Arts and Crafts’ in schools, saying that these subjects are a wonderful way to learn maths, science, literacy as well as expressing oneself.

What do you think?



Lack of a Title Or I Just Couldn’t Be Bothered

A report on the news caught my attention the other day, now some driving organisations want it made illegal to use hands free phones when driving as it distracts the driver. The more I thought about this the longer my list of things that can distract a driver became.

1. Radios
2. Sat-Navs
3. Children
4. Smoking
5. Dangly things from the rear view mirror
6. Things lined up along the back window
7. Passengers
8. Pets
9. Sweets
10 Food and drink
11 The light bouncing of a shiny dash board (a good excuse not to clean the car that one)

Can you think of any more?


Oh Yes

Your Memories Are Happy

You’ll be the first to admit that you don’t dwell on the past. You believe that what’s done is done.
Your favorite memories are sweet and lighthearted ones. You try to always have the best moments in your life in your back pocket.

You’re even able to laugh at some of the crazier things that have happened in your life. It all seems better through the rear view mirror.
You believe that memories are just that. It’s nice to have great ones, but you always remember to make more of them!