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2015-2016 round up


Dear Diary

(when I was going to write this as a diary)


The bit’s that didn’t make onto the blog


30th December 2015

Dear Diary, 

Hubby had to go to hospital today with a very suspect looking growth on his leg, he is now waiting to see the surgeon. I will admit I am a little worried as years ago he worked for sometime on the continent and he’s never been any good at remembering the sun cream. 


 January 2016

Still don’t know what I want to do with this blog…

I had high hopes that this year would be better than last but already it’s started. We had news of another relative dying, and one having a bad fall. We said goodbye to that relative later in January, it’s been a long time since I had been to the crematorium in West Bromwich and I was surprised to find it had changed its name, everyone still calls it Newton Road. The room itself was big and bright with a huge window looking out over fields. As the service was the last of the day we watched the sun going down as the service progressed, it felt right somehow, saying goodbye as the sun set.

We also received a letter to say that our tumble dryer may not be safe and has had a recall put on it. Hopefully they will be out to make it safe in the next eight weeks.

We have had a lovely walk around Kingsbury water Park although some of the tracks we took were under water and it was more of a paddle than a walk it was still nice.

I popped into town one morning to collect some prescriptions and found Boots had been burgled. Who ever did it took all the razor blades, all the batteries and opened a packed of nappies and took one. Do burglars take their babies with them?

The washer  died!  Why is it that,

  1. It always dies just after the guarantee has run out.
  2. It always does it on my busiest washing day.
  3. It always does it half way through a wash leaving me with a washer full of wet washing.
  4. It always does it on a day when it is raining so I can’t even put out the soggy mess out to drip,
  5. and why do I always end up telling it I am going to do unspeakable things to it…it’s a machine for heaven’s sake!

We had a new washer installed, although it  confused the hell out of kitten. It beeps when it has finished, the microwave also beeps when it has finished. Kitten knows that when she hears the beep her fish is cooked, it’s quite amusing to see her run from one room to another, jump up onto the table and stare at the microwave waiting patiently for her fish, then go off in a grump when it doesn’t materialize.

I  lost the feeling in my right foot.



Hubby’s new shifts started this month, I hate them after two  days, he was thinking about early retirement, which on one hand would be nice but on the other we would have to make big changes to the way we live. It wouldn’t bother me but I don’t think hubby has really thought about the things he wouldn’t be able to do and the things we would have to get rid of like this internet connection, the motor bike, Wendy, and all his e-bay shopping.

Hubby looked into and received some news about his pension, basically it’s worth even less now, it’s got something to do with the way the government is changing the NI contributions. He lost a great lump out of it in 2003 when the company changed the way they were running it and then another lump in 2009 due to government changes. So his plans of retiring early have gone out of the window.  What was a good pension plan is slowly turning into a total waste of time, he would have been better off-putting the money into a high interest account instead. Still high-sight is a wonderful thing.

Hubby went and had his growth removed, when he had the dressing of we were both surprised at the hole that was left, it was far bigger than we had thought it would be.


We did a lovely 10 mile round walk called ‘The Red Rock’ to Kinver and back, the weather was cold and frosty to start but quickly warmed up. We both needed the exercise, perfect day.

On a very cold day, that cold even my thermal gloves didn’t keep my fingers warm on our walk, we walked from Kidderminster to Stourport it is a lovely walk and only 9 miles. A nice relaxing walk, which was just what I needed.

More bad news, hubby problem with his eyes will  need surgery that can’t be done on the N H S, so we will have to go private the quote we were given left us with very little savings, but it had to be done.

Hubby was told there was a very good chance he would be made redundant before the end of spring. At first I thought ‘Oh No’ then I thought good, he hates the job anyway.

Had the news that the relative who had the fall died, she never came out of hospital.

It was bye-bye to a family that have lived in this road for a long time, there are now only 7 of the original families from when I moved in left. It’s sad, this used to be a lovely road to live in, clean and tidy, now I am forever picking up rubbish from the front of our house.




I gave up and went to the doctors with my arm, it still hurt from falling from the tree last year. The doctor seems to think I had ripped the ligaments that hold the arm and shoulder together.   He prescribed strong painkillers with a huge grin on his face warned that they will make me drowsy so not to drive or use heavy machinery, and under no circumstances climb trees.  I was sent to hospital so that it could be looked at in more depth.  I had managed to rip the muscles in my arm and shoulder,I had also pulled all the muscles in the top part my back too… months of physiotherapy ahead.

I just knew this year was going to be annus horribilis! 



Mother’s day, and number 1 brought me some lovely gifts. This year I had a craft book called Crafting with cat hair and a lovely huge scarf with the cutest owls and squirrels on, his card made me laugh too. On the front it had a bacon sandwich with the words

Cheers for all the bacon sarnies

and giving me life etc.

and the meal he cooked for us was delicious, he made an excellent beef sweet pea and black bean dish.

Kitten is  ill. Every time she eats she coughed. The vet  wasn’t sure what it was so we started with antibiotic injections, blood tests, which came back fine and a gel medicine in case she has a furry ball stuck. Poor little thing was pulled about and poked and prodded and as spent the afternoon sat in the computer bag, sulking. That lot came to £173, but number 1 came to the rescue and he is paid for kitty. I have a lovely son. That was just the start, a lot more injections followed.

 Number 1 and I spent 3 hours following Jez and his mates around Birmingham, we went to his party, singing, dancing, food and drink, (last supper) and then he told us he had to leave us, he was going home, he was arrested, beaten and strangled,  it was so sad, then he came back to life!! NO I have not gone mad although I would forgive you for thinking so, we spent the night seeing/ being part of A passion for Birmingham the passion brought up to date and played out in and around St. Paul’s church.  There was music and dancing in the streets as well as a party at The Loaves and Fishes, the betrayal, the denial, the death, the resurrection and ending with a choir.  I loved every minute of it,  it was an experience and done so well.


 We had had a pair of crows hanging around our street for a couple of weeks, magnificent birds. Then a couple of day later only one turned up, he called and called for two days, but his/her mate never appeared. One day as he  had a bath and drank from our water feature, number 1 watch and said doesn’t one mean death? Later that afternoon we heard the news one  of our neighbours died, another longtime resident gone.

I miss the neighbours that moved out earlier this year, not because we were close, but I miss the morning greeting of ‘Morning neighbour’ that he used to shout across the road.

Hubby went to have the last scan on his eyes before his op, he was  getting a  bit nervous but it was paid for so he had to go… 😀 , 

Then  my thumb  started to click then snap back and forth, then jammed and the only way I could move it was by using my other hand to snap it back.



On the 23rd  number 1 and I went into Birmingham to see the Birmingham Opera Company perform Dido ‘n’ Aeneas, I love a bit of Opera,   I can tell you that I took part in an opera. I took part in an opera being performed by the Birmingham Opera Company. I danced at the ball with a cast member of  the Birmingham Opera Company in a performance of Dido ‘n’ Aeneas 😀 can you tell I am a just a little bit pleased?

Number 1 had another birthday so we headed for Istanbul, a restaurant not the country, don’t think we will go again, Kebub is much nicer.

Sad day,we said a final goodbye to the relative who had the fall in January and died in February, it’s taken so long because the coroner wasn’t happy about the way she’d died, the same poem that was read out for her  that was read at her husband’s funeral last year. The Dash, it’s really nice.

It’s been a shit year so far, far too many deaths, personally, people we know and people on the news.




We went to see Trainspotting  It was a fantastic performance, definitely for adults, I loved every minute of it.


I had more physio they are very pleased with my arm, I am very pleased with my arm, smiles all round.

Took Kitten back to the vets again, after a fight she got out of the basket and walked straight to the scales and sat on them which made both the vet and me laugh, she knows the routine. We got the results from hubby’s leg, it was a build up of cells, nothing to worry about yea BIG 😀


Hubby should have had his first eye done, they were going to start with the bad one, but the new lens hadn’t arrived.  After a chat with the surgeon we decided to go ahead and have the good eye done first, so in went the two lots of drops to dilate his eye, a pre-exam showed an infection in the eyelid, so the op couldn’t go ahead. So it was off to Boots the chemist to buy omega oils and a heated eye bag to try to clean out the eyelid.


I tried to get an appointment at the doctors  my thumb is refusing to move at all now, no appointments for two weeks, I really thought about putting my coat on and going to A&E, but I don’t think it really counts as either,

Later in the month hubby had his eye op, the lens for the bad eye still hadn’t arrived so the good eye was done. It went well. So he had the  second eye done the next week, it was a bit harder to do than his other eye because of the size of the lens, the surgeon was quite excited about it. He has never done one this big. As far as the other eye goes they are really pleased with it, he almost has 20/20 vision in it already and it takes six months for the sight to stop improving.

I managed to get an appointment at the doctors at the end of the month, I have trigger thumb. So now I am waiting for an appointment at hospital for treatment, what a year!



It was back to the hospital  for hubby’s check up on his seconded eye, It didn’t go well the lens has moved, so now we have to start all over again, he’s not very happy, it means we can’t go on holiday for his birthday, oh-hum such is life 😀

Back to the hospital for another attempt on hubby’s eye, hopefully this time it will take, he’s still getting headaches, which wasn’t supposed to happen.


Having hubby off work is making me very idle, I haven’t been getting up until 6am, nothing was getting done, I haven’t been  on my bike, walked or done any Tai Chi so I had to pull myself together and I have painted the bathroom, boxroom and redone all the chipped varnish on the landing and down the stairs. I have also sanded, plastered  painted,   and varnished the porch and done a bit of gardening, all since last visiting you.

We spent a fun-filled few hours in Birmingham on the 14th, first seeing Torque, JCB’s dancing with people dancing on top of them brilliant, and then on to the Rep to see

Made Up, another brilliant performance from Stan’s cafe.

The heron took all the fish from the pond so we put new little ones in, not thinking

about the tadpoles, they have eaten the fish, I kid you not, they were like piranhas !!

Back at the hospital at the end of the month with hubby, they are happy with his eyes. So he can go back to work on light duties tomorrow.


Towards the end of the month the council came  and empty the house of the neighbour who died earlier this year. It was a little sad to see all his life’s possessions piled up in the garden. It made me think about all the stuff and memories we collected over a lifetime that just goes to landfill. What’s the point, what is the point of life? No I am not being morbid, I am really beginning to question the whole life thing.

We went out for a lovely meal with the kids, (Hubby’s and mine), we had such a laugh.



 We went and did the Priory Walk and were surprised to find that there is now a small sculpture trail to follow lots of little animals cut into wood, sweet, and a lot more of the old priory has been uncovered, we sat and ate our dinner in the ruins, I shared mine with the crow.


I grouted the bathroom, it took me all day. I like to think it was because I have a bad arm and trigger thumb, but I have a feeling it’s more to do with age. 😦


 I headed into Birmingham with hubby and number 1, and had a lovely hour at the Coffin works, then for dinner at Shakespeare’s, followed by a walk around Waterstone cemetery.

What a change in the weather, yesterday was hot and sunny, today cold and cloudy. We still went ahead with the BBQ with the kids and had a lovely evening. Kitten even made friends with Frank.


Another long time resident of this road has moved out today, how I envy them, I would love to move. However she seems to have left her cats behind.



DSC01066fesI am so tired, but happy tired, it’s 12 o’clock (midnight) and we have just got back from the Luna festival It was wonderful, music, drink, food and stalls, I even wore wild flowers in my hair,  and brought a couple of wooden bracelets, the weather couldn’t have been better, (well it could have done with being a little cooler).

We sat on the grass, drinking Pimms and taking in the happy atmosphere, it really did feel like love was in the air, everyone was so happy and chilled, (I think that may have had DSC01280something to do with the drugs 😀 )

We saw some really good bands, first off was The Mothers Earth Experiment, then Flamingods, Khruangbin, then some morris dancers with blackened faces, I love morris dancers.  Next came one of my favorites of the day The Mariachis, a mexican band who were just so much fun. The next band was Paradise, Bangkok Molam international, but by this time my bum and legs had gone dead and I was very hot, so hubby and I wandered off  to take a look around the stalls,  

DSC01279Hubby saw some lovely cotton parasols and thick woolen wraps and brought me one of each, we used the wrap to sit on and then it became very useful as the sunset and the air-cooled.

We wandered back in time to see Matt Berry and the Maypole   but it was even hotter so we went to the back of the field away from the crowds and were it was cooler and sat in the bubbles being blown out by a machine in a tower, we could still see and hear everything. Then the Zombies came on and I had a little sing, because you know ‘she’s not there’  🙂

Then the crowman led the procession along with his dancing animals and lit the bonfire to welcome the Rose Moon, it was marvelous , although number 1 felt sorry for the poor crow, (the bonfire was built to look like a crow). This was followed by Super Furry Animals and the whole thing wound up at 11




We have been away for a couple of days. On Monday we picked up Wendy and went to Pembridge to a nice little site with a fish pond and good amenities. After setting up we sat outside and watched the geese and ducks with their babies, they were so sweet, and we both needed to find our inner quiet. Tuesday we went to Hampton Court Castle and spent the day there, first taking the tour of the house, (most of it is fake), then we did the long river walk, then the short river walk, then we played on the swings. Had ice-cream looked around the gardens which are beautifully, played in the maze, climbed the tower, then descended below the tower through the tunnel into the sunken garden, squeezed behind the waterfall and then had another wander around the gardens, it was the sound of thunder that drove us back to the car, but we never saw a drop of rain. We then headed to Weobley for a bit to eat at Ye Olde Salutation Inn.

On Wednesday we walked to Eardisland it’s only around a 5 mile round trip along riverside, fields, buttercup meadows, cornfields (in need of water) and a lot of stiles, one of which was 4 foot tall, I am only 5’2″ so hubby has some very unflattering photos of me getting over it 😀 We looked around the village and the church, watched the baby swans on the river and had lunch at Rita’s Tea Rooms a lovely fresh ploughman’s with loads of fruit and salad. On the walk back hubby got stung on the head and bitten on his arm, later that night we went to the The Kings House Inn YUM YUM.

Back home this afternoon because hubby is away for the weekend with his motorbiking friends tomorrow. He did have to go to the doctors with the bite on his arm and is being treated for Lymes Disease.


I  had to clear out hundreds of tadpoles from the top of the pond, silly buggers had gone up the pump pipe and got stuck.

Hubby was away on one of his bike trips so I went into Birmingham with number 1 to see In Parenthesis powerful stuff, it made me cry, loved it.


The next  night we went back to see cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci

Hubby went back to the hospital, he may now need laser treatment on his eye, they want him to wait until September to see if it settles first. I must say having his eyes done does seem to have given him a new lease of life, he’s cut off his hair and beard, he’s as smooth as a baby’s bum, and brought himself new clothes, he looks about 10 years younger. If he keeps this up dear diary I will have to start making an effort!


We all went  into Birmingham for a few hours, it was their yearly Hidden spaces weekend. Each year they open a couple of building or bits of, that the public can’t usually see this year it was Moseley Road Baths and Methodist central hall Then we went to the City of Colour to look at all the beautiful graffiti, I even had ago at it, well they had a board and felt markers,  I think they are going to show when it is full. A graffiti artist I am not. photos


We also went to said goodbye to the ABH with the City of Sounds: Destruction Party featuring The Destroyers and The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble Fantastic night.

I went to a hospital/clinic I have never been to today, strange place. No one to be seen in reception so I headed for the second floor to be greeted by one big door and two little ones, no overhead signage. After reading all the little bits of paper stuck on the door I went in through the bigger door. Again no one on reception, nowhere to book in, So I took a seat, a little while later someone with a name badge hanging around their neck came in, I asked them where I booked in, they told me they didn’t know, they thought you just sat and waited. So I sat and waited. It seems a very odd way to run a hospital/clinic to me, perhaps its lack of money. Anyway dear diary the doctor came out and called me in, he was a bit of a dish 🙂 french, tall dark and oh so handsome, and young enough to be my son. He took a good look at my thumb and said it had gone too far for a splint to work and booked me an appointment at another hospital for a couple of steroid injections, which he thinks will work. Shame I wanted him to do it 😀 😀 I told hubby about it when he got home from work, and he said ( with a big grin on his face), ring them and ask to change the appointment, tell them you would get better faster if the handsome doctor did it.


We went for a nice walk today, from Eymore Woods  to Arley Arboretum where we stopped to take a look around. It used to be so pretty but  it has gone to the dogs, the grounds look unkempt and the sensory garden is more like a rubbish tip, but on the upside the walled garden now has very friendly chickens and peacocks running around who enjoy being stroked, and I spent quite a while in there. Then we walked along the river back to Eymore.



We headed to Cradley for the Chainmakers festival, we didn’t stay long. It seemed very disjointed this year, only having one stage, which meant long waits between the entertainment, it didn’t help matters that it had been spread between the high street for the first part and then moved to the park for the second half. Also this year there was a total lack of seating making it hard for the older people to stay for long.  The speakers, (MP’s), couldn’t get their words out, and one couldn’t pronounce Cradley. It has always been a family day out but it was spoiled this year by loud mouthed hecklers shouting VOTE CORBYN at the tops of their voices over the top of the speakers, and a group of teenagers waving STOP BOMBING SYRIA placards, it is not a rally, it is a celebration of Mary Macarthur who fort for fair pay for the women chainmakers. (But it was this type of thing that ended it at The Black county Museum)  On the upside Bev Pegg was there.


Sadly  there are no longer donkey rides over Clent, and The Gipsies tent is now called The Badgers Set.



Off to hospital for an injection of Triamcinolone  in my hand, I wouldn’t say it hurt, it was just uncomfortable.  First it was sprayed with a cold spray, which hurt like hell, it was so cold, next the anesthetic, the needle goes quite a way in and is left in and just the plunger is changed to inject the steroid, needle out, arm elevated, plaster and pressure applied,  a 10 minute wait to make sure I didn’t have a reaction, and I was on my way back home.  The nurse who did the injections kept asking if I was ok, as I didn’t make a sound or move when she was doing it, she said most people wriggle about or make some sort of noise, I knew the Tai-Chi breathing/exercise would come in useful one day. 😉 I told her so, she asked if I felt anything, and it was hard to explain that yes I could feel it and I could feel that it was uncomfortable, but I was outside the pain. Anyhow dear diary I now have to wait three weeks, if there’s no improvement  I have to go for another injection and wait another three weeks and if there’s still no improvement they will operate and remove one of the pulleys. ( the bits attached to the muscle that help to bend the thumb).

New people have moved into the house of the man who died, let’s just say they are not church mice


We spent a day at Himley Hill park, it was the yearly race for life event. Step-daughter and step-daughter-in-law were racing. It was a lovely warm breezy day and hubby and I crisscrossed the grounds taking photos of them, We both felt so proud of them. I brought three charity flowers, giving them one each and keeping one for myself.


Spent an evening at the Blue Orange Theater, number 1 and I went to see An Audience with Gorgeous George , the legendary wrestler whose gender-bending persona shocked conservative post-war America and  Too Tall to Tribute, A 6ft aspiring actress who  dreams of someday playing her idol, the great Marilyn Monroe,  the play tells the comical misadventures that get her there, both very funny in different ways. George is a great one for picking on the audience, and yes I was picked on, and I laughed that much at Laura Nicholson that I cried.

The bees have found the bee box, number 1 brought me a bee box for Christmas a few year ago and we hung it in the garden, and this year the bees have moved in. I am so happy, I will go out and talk to them every morning.



Met Number 1 in Birmingham  at The Old Joint Stock and saw a couple of good shows. The first was called Drain funny, but dark then The Voices in My head Made Me Do It Gemma Layton, I first saw her last year, I love her sense of humour.


We headed to Wednesbury to the museum, (I had never been to this one before), to see their permanent display of 60s and 70s homes and an exhibition of 50 photographs of Sandwell people celebrating and meeting the Queen between the 50s and 70s. The museum is not very big and has the feel that it just been thrown together.


We decided to go for a walk one  afternoon, didn’t happen. First we headed to Cannon Hill but couldn’t find a parking space, next we headed to Kings Norton Park, (as we had never been there), looks big from the outside, walked around it in less than 10 minutes, decided on Lickey Hills, what a dump that has turned into, covered in rubbish and dog-doo! Shame it used to be such a lovely place.


I had to go for more blood tests  and as usual it was a long wait, so I listen to the conversation behind me. A couple were talking about their son’s business, since leaving the EU his business has taken off, more orders from the EU and a couple from outside the EU, he has taken on three more staff. It’s been good for him. I nearly turned round to ask what he did 😀


We had a fun night when we headed to Great Bridge Library to see Black Country Disasterchef, a night of Black country humour, songs, poetry and a film.


We  had a lovely day, doing the Blackstone circular  walk along the river at Bewdley. It was a lovely warm day and as there was a holistic market on we had a little look around, and yes came back with goodies 😀 My incense box is now full again and hubby found a wall plaque he thought funny. It’s now hanging on the kitchen wall. It read

D. I. E. T.

Did I eat that?


1st August 2016


What a day, the fan in the bathroom broke, I and a few other people nearly got wiped out on a crossing, in fact in turned into a bit of a slanging match. We were on a crossing, the lights had turned red, the green man had told us to cross and a white van came speeding across the crossing. He stopped and shouted at us, we, all at the same time shouted back the lights are red, one person pointed out that red meant stop, another pointed out that the green man was on so the lights had been on red for a time, another pointed out in rather colourful  language  that perhaps it was time for an eye test. 🙂

I then went and filled my basket in the cheap shop got to the till and my credit card was declined, the assistant said ‘I think you took your card out to quick’ so I popped it back in, declined again, just then  another    assistant came past and said ‘that one wasn’t working yesterday, I will ring you up again on this till.’ So I empty my bag, had the good rung up again and again my card failed, just as another customer’s card failed. It was decided that the machines must have gone down and I was told I could get cash from the machine over the road,  I said I wasn’t going to do that as I would be charged, she would have to take the goods back, she wasn’t very happy. Then when I got home and looked at the receipts from the two tills they were different totals anyway, I think it was more that just the pin and pay machines that weren’t working. 

3rd August 2016


The builders came today to finish off the wall, we gave up waiting for the builder that said he would come last year and found one on ‘Checkatrade.dot.com’ They have left it in a right mess.

I also had a letter from the doctors saying I must retake my blood tests now   and book a double appointment to discuss them, bugger what now? I am fast becoming P’d off with my health!

6th August 2016

So tonight we headed to Dudley Zoo, for a Dudley Zoo after dark presentation by flatpack of The Bride of Frankenstein. Imagine sitting in the grounds of a ruined castle, subtle red, blue and green lighting behind the windows. Eyes, lighting strikes and arcing electricity projected onto the walls, creepy music punctuated only by the eerie calls of the peacocks. The breeze picks up moving the dark clouds ominously across the sky as night falls, and then the film, in all it’s glory.

I hope this is going to be a yearly event, being in the castle grounds really added to the atmosphere.


12th August 2016

Hubby had to give out the first lot of redundancies today, it’s the grade below him, so it’s his turn next. News filtered through that two plants have been closed completely.

13th August 2016

Spent a lovely day today wandering about Birmingham doing the book trail, Just a few more to find which hopefully I will get done next week-end, it took a long time because we kept getting waylaid. First by a doctor who exhibition and then other things in the library and museum. Photos

16th August 2016

Went back to the doctors today I am pre-diabetic


20th August 2016

Just had a wonderful music filled afternoon and evening under  Hockley Flyover, Soweto Kinch brought back the Flyover Show. Headlining the show was Ernest Ranglin jazz and reggae guitarist, I have never heard a guitar do what he made it do.



30th August 2016

What a lovely weekend, it turned out someone at hubby’s work has remember it was our wedding anniversary so did the shift for him even though our anniversary wasn’t until the Monday. So we had a lovely walk on the Sunday, then another on the Monday morning before number 1 took us out for a very nice Turkish meal, 24 years dear diary.


11th September 2016

Busy, busy, busy, that’s what I have been. I have started Christmas prep by making pickled red cabbage, tidy a little of the garden, had another birthday and been on holiday.

We went to Coombe martin but only managed to get one coastal walk in, well ¾ of one, I misjudged  my step coming down a particularly steep slippery part and buggered my knee up. After turning the air blue and limping/sliding to the next village my knee was twice the size it should have been, I was up for finishing the walk, but hubby said NO. If I don’t get to the end I feel like I haven’t done it.

Coastal walking out of the question, I walked in the surf instead, we visited Quince Honey Farm, where I released my inner child and joined in the critter encounters and held stick insects, giant snails  and a bee cell full of honey and bees. I did do grown up things to, the Bumblebee talk, the beekeeping demo, we looked around the museum, the smell of the honey everywhere I couldn’t resist a crushed  honeycomb on a teacake.

Another nice day was a visit to Hartland Quay and smugglers museum. The museum was very interesting, the Quay almost spiritual, I could feel the place taking away my stress, I felt calm from the inside out. It is a wonderful place, I really didn’t want to leave.

We also took a look at Damien Hirst’s Verity, just what you would expect from Damien.

15th September

Hubby came home from work last night and had been told he was to be made redundant. So we had the talk, he has at long last admitted that he will have to give up a lot of things. We are just waiting for his finish date.

Popped to the vets this morning to get kittens meds and to find out what I can do about the stray cats, the ones left behind early this year, not a lot. There’s only the C P L that will take them now and they are full.

Made mincemeat and stuffing for Christmas.

22nd September 2016

Hubby came home yesterday and told me his job is safe, a memo from head office said they couldn’t afford to lose him.

The washer is playing up, it only 9 months old!

I have made mulled wine chutney for Christmas.


1st October 2016

We have been away just for the night, we stayed in a lovely guest house called The Kendrick in Llandudno and had a nice meal at the The Sea Horse

The washer was fixed, but now the heater has gone!


5th October 2016

Back at the hospital today to see why I am losing the feeling in my feet and legs, the doctor thinks it may be a problem with my back and hip, so now I have to have physiotherapy on my back and hip, if that doesn’t work  I will have to have both operated on. Oh the joys of it, I have only just finished the physio on my arm!

8th October 2016

We are still trying to get hold of the people who did the wall, tut, why can’t you find good tradesmen any more?

I met number 1 in Birmingham on Thursday night and we went to see The Ruby Dolls at the Old Joint Stock,  which was very good, we have decided we fancy a meal there at Christmas after reading the menu. 😀 


11th October 2016

Spend a very funny hour at the Old Joint Stock watching 50 ways to leave your drummer.


No the whole thing of trying to write this as a diary is not working.

So I will try bullet points.

Towards the end of the month I headed to Longbridge with number 1 to play nicely at Longbridge Festival of Light

We all headed into Birmingham to see Tell Tale Heart at the Old Joint Stock.

Hubby and I visited Clun Castle

We all spent a very funny evening at the M A C where we saw Knightmare live, I used to love watching this on TV with number 1 when he was little, do you remember it? here is a link to remind you It really was so funny, can’t wait for the next one.

On the 31 I met number 1 in Birmingham for our annual creepy movie, this year The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari which was one I had never seen before.

At the end of the month the physio decided to send me to the spinal rehabilitation  unit for treatment as my back was not getting any better.


November started with a frost and my first session in the spinal unit, it wasn’t that bad 😀 I am just hoping it   will work. I really don’t want an operation.

I was sent for more tests, I am fed up with being stabbed and pushed and pulled about

I met number 1 in Birmingham and we went to see Beautiful Thing wonderful, if you get the chance do give it a go.

A night of lights ohhh pretty, held at the Botanical Gardens, Birmingham. A lot better than I thought they were going to be.


At the end of the month I had the results from the tests back, there’s always something! I hate getting old!!



At the beginning of the month we went to see Tina Tune’r tea lady, very funny and had a break away in the Delamere  forest, we did a bit of walking, spent a day in Manchester and a day at Tatton Park.

Christmas was nice, we entertained mother in law Christmas Eve and had a surprise visit from stepson, Christmas we spent at home and spent an hour at Cannon Hill Park, Boxing day hubby was called into work so the planned day out was cancelled, the day after boxing day we spent the day at stepsons and had a walk into Ironbridge, around the shops, had lunch and walked back, (very steep hills good for working off Christmas). New Year  we spent at home.

I started the year by not really knowing what I wanted to do with this blog, and posts have (along with life) been very erratic. I have so many started but not finished drafts that I just can’t be arsed with, so I am saying bye bye to blogland. Next year I am going on a long journey (metaphorically speaking).

Bye Bye

Live Love Laugh and be HAPPY, now today don’t wait you don’t know how much time you have left.

film and Such Like

Films and serieses (yes I know its series, but serieses is such fun to say) 😀

Inbetweeners two DVD

Fungus the Bogeyman TV

Dickensian TV

About Time DVD

Dreamchild DVD

Flowers C4 TV

Foxcatcher DVD

Alice in Wonderland 1933 DVD

The Book Thief DVD

The Secret TV

Marcella TV

Breaking Bad full series DVD

The Big Bang Theory 6-7 DVD

The Secret Agent TV

The Living and The Dead TV

Better Call Saul series 1and 2 DVD

Brief Encounters TV

Kinky Boots DVD

Pulp Fiction DVD

Frank TV

Containment TV

Victoria TV

national Treasure TV


and lots of other TV type dramas, but I couldn’t be arsed to list them 🙂

Books 2016

Zoo Time Howard Jacobson

I could pee on this Francesco Marcluiano

If It Fits I Sits

Crafting With Cat hair, cute handicrafts to make with your cat Kaori Tsutaya

Faction Paradox, this town will never let us go Lawrence Miles

The Year of The Flood Margaret Atwood This is the second book of the Maddaddam triolgy, the first being Oryx and Crake which I read a few years ago.

Maddaddam by Margaret Atwood

The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide

The Looking Glass House Vanessa Tait.

The Counrty Girls Edna O’ Brien

Girl with Green Eyes Edna O’Brien

Girls in their married bliss Edna O’Brien

The Just City Jo Walton

Fifteen Dogs Andre Alexis, I will given you a warning, you will need a tissue, it will make you cry.

The Gospel of Loki Joanne M Harris

In Parenthesis by David Jones

The Philosopher Kings Jo Walton

Shows/Music/and Other Interesting Things 2016

A Passion for Birmingham St Paul’s Church

Dido ‘n’ Aeneas Birmingham Opera Company.

Trainspotting  Railway arches in Digbeth

Torque Dance festival Centenary Square Birmingham

Made Up Birmingham Rep.

Warstone Cemetery and its ghosts

Coffin works

Luna Festival The Umberslade Estate

In Parenthesis Welsh National Opera Birmingham Hippodrome

Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci Welsh National Opera Birmingham Hippodrome

Moseley Road Baths Part of the Birmingham Hidden Spaces 2016

Methodist Central Hall Part of the Birmingham Hidden Spaces 2016

City of Colours Birmingham

The Destruction Party The Destroyer’s and the Conservatoire Folk Ensemble. (To say goodbye to the ABH before they pull it down.

Arley Arboretum

Chainmakers festival, sorry no link, it has been removed

An Audience with Gorgeous George Blue Orange Theatre.

Too Tall To Tribute Blue Orange Theatre

Drain Old Joint Stock

The Voices In My Head Made Me Do It Old Joint Stock

Photo exhibition of Sandwell people meeting the Queen 50-70s Wednesbury Museum

Black Country Disasterchef Great Bridge library.

Bride of Frankestein Dudley Castle, Dudley Zoo.

Big Book Trail Birmingham

Flyover Show Hockley Flyover Birmingham

Hartland Quay and smuggers Museum

Quince Honey Farm

Chilli festival

The Brides of Bluebeard The Ruby Dolls at The Old Joint Stock.

50 Ways to leave your drummer Old Joint Stock

Longbridge light fest

Tell Tale Heart Old Joint Stock

Clun castle

Knightmare live at the M A C

Beautiful Things Old Joint Stock

Magical lantern Botanical gardens, Birmingham

Tina T’urner tea lady Old Joint Stock

The John Rylands Library

Off the beat Jeff Nuttall at Rylands Library

Manchester Art Gallery

People’s History Museum

Manchester Cathedral

Christmas at Tatton Park


Kingsbury Water Park

The Red rock walk from the Lock to Kinver and back 10 mile

Kidderminster to Stourport and back 9 mile

Priory Walk and the Photos

Pembridge to Eardisland and back around 5 mile

Eymore Woods and into Arley Arboretum and back to Eymore woods around 6 mile

Blackstone picnic area to Bewdley and back around 1 ½ mile

Forgemill Lake

Eymore Wood

Combe Martin to ilfracombe Did this walk backwards, starting at Combe Martin, only got to Hele Bay due to the fact I misjudged a step on a particularly steep slippery part and injured my knee.

Kingsford Woods

Delamere Forest