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And people Are Paid To Make These.

Following on from the last post about safety adverts, I found some adverts that had been complained about, some that are funny and some that are just too daft for words. I must admit I did find some of these a bit hard to take and some really funny, each to there own I suppose.

The last one on the below video used to scare number 1 when he was little, to the point that we would have to turn the TV over



And it’s Still HOT

Right this video is from Kate’s site, it’s not an easy watch, it is a must watch if you are a driver. As Kate points out on her blog it’s a shame we don’t get adverts like this one here.

I remember being shown this safety film in school, scared the life out of me

Both of the above are films and the one below are adverts from around the world, some very strange



I am a little confused, (but really pleased at the same time), I am losing weight and not even trying too. My rings now spin around on my finger, which is a bit annoying and I have just had a new pair of trouser and top both a full size smaller than I normally take, and they are a little bit lose. If  I had known not trying to lose weight made you lose weight I would have done it years ago.
Have you been watching Utopia? We loved the first series and the seconded one as been just as good. Here’s a little game to play connected with the program I down loaded a photo of a stuffed toy to see what would happen. :D  We are also enjoying The 100


I logged on this morning to find an email from someone I haven’t heard from in years, in fact it’s been that long I can’t even remember when I did last hear from them. There are going to be some very long emails involved in catching up.



 That’s it I am off now before it gets to hot to do anything.





You Are Reflective

You are very analytical, and you rarely panic. You know that nothing is as big of a crisis as it first seems.
You like all of your stuff to be in its place. It drives you crazy to be disorganized.

Sometimes your strong sense of responsibility leads to frustration. You take too much on.
You are very introverted, and you prefer to blend in whenever possible.