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Ding Dong, Ding Dong, No There Weren’t Bells

Wedding time again, this time stepsons, so before I begin this is what I made them.

The bride
hog 003

I even made her a train

hog 004

And because she is so proud of her twinkle, I just had to give her her ring

er 001


The groom, you think he would have had a hair cut!

we 001

and a lucky black cat

wed 001

When they told us they were getting wed two years ago it seem like forever away and then in the blink of an eye it was here, and Saturday they did it. The bride looked lovely and the groom handsome, the bridesmaids and bestmen smart, the bestmans speech was so funny and cleverly done, the sun shone and the rain didn’t kick in until well into the evening. 

It was all held at the Dunchurch park hotel which has lovely grounds, and hubby had decided to book a room so that he wouldn’t have to drive back. They were the disappointment, for somewhere so nice and a wedding venue you would have though they would have carried the feeling right through. Dirty ripped carpets, dirty chipped paintwork, the small overhead bedside lights in our room didn’t work which meant the only option was the big ceiling lights, the room was very hot, no air-con and those locks on the windows which means you can only open them a few inches and when we asked for a fan we were told they didn’t have fans, and when I went to make a cuppa there in the bottom of the kettle a lose tiny screw. I wanted to complain there and then but hubby said to let it go. Someone could have choked on that screw.


My dress got on my nerves a bit, I have lost a little more weight and I had to keep pulling it up, but I didn’t lose it :D



I have stayed up with the blinds open all night waiting, and as yet (4.04am) I haven’t seen a meteor, but the moon is so bright I am thinking that they may be a little hard to see.



And Here’s another

Supermoon that is. Tomorrow will be yet another one best seen in Scotland, this time we get a Perseid Meteor Shower too. I hope I get to see it. I have only ever seen two meteor showers and both of them were an accident. The first was many moons ago when I had been up most of the night with number 1 and I opened the curtains as the meteors flew over head. The next time was still a few moons ago when Mother and Father in law lived in the countryside in Wales and we sat on their patio, drinking and chatting and looked up to see a spectacular display. Fantastic, but it doesn’t half make you feel small. :)