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Hands Up If You want To Live In A Fairy Tale

Yet another toy in the news deemed dangerous, (loom bands), because one child had one flicked in his eye, (ahhh I can hear the call of childhood ‘You’ll have someones eye out with that)! Another child fell asleep with the bands around his fingers and they went black, but note the picture in the news. The child asleep with the band around his fingers and yes they were black, I am pretty sure that if it had been my child my first reaction would have been to remove the bands not take a photo. But that’s not the point to this blog, how many of us have been hit by a flying elastic band (whether we were involved in the elastic band fight or a bystander)? Are we wrapping our children up in cotton wool or being concerned parents?

This line of thought lead me down the road about how much times have changed , even as far as the fair tales we now read to children. When I was young in one of the versions of The Three Little Pigs, the big bad wolf climbed down the chimney into a pot of boiling water, was cooked and eaten, in another he ate the pigs whole and a hunter cut him open released the pigs, filled his tummy with stones and threw him in the river. Now in the story the wolf runs away. Little Red Riding Hood – granny was eaten alive too, until the woodsman cut him open to release her, and Goldie Locks was eaten by the bears. So onto the ones that were turned into fluffy happy-ever-after stories.

Snow White was not woken by a kiss, in the original story the Queen tried to kill her first with a corset that was pulled to tight, which the dwarfs undid, the second with a poison comb, which the dwarf removed and the third time with a poisoned apple, a piece of which lodged in her throat. Snow White was placed in a glass coffin in the woods and a passing prince fell in love with her ‘dead’ body and then because he was a prince the dwarfs had little choice but to hand over the body when he asked for it. The coffin was dropped as it was being moved, which dislodged the apple and Snow woke up. She then marry’s the prince and the Queen is invited where she is made to wear red hot iron shoes and made to dance until she dies.

In Cinderella, the ugly sisters each cut off parts of their feet to try to get the glass slipper on, (you don’t get the blood in the Disney version).

Sleeping Beauty, yes picked her finger on an enchanted spinning wheel, the spell being put on the wheel by a ‘putout’ fairy, (well they should have invited her to the christening). She sleeps and the prince finds her, does he kiss and  wake her? Nope, he does a little more than that, he rapes her. She is woken by one of her twins, (which she gives birth too while still asleep) who sucks her finger looking for milk.


The Little Mermaid (sorry no singing fish  and no name for the mermaid either). On her 15th birthday she is told she can rise to the surface of the sea and sit on the rocks, she see a ship in trouble and saves the prince’s life.  Then she falls in love with him, she is told that if the prince falls in love with her their souls would become one and they would live for ever.  She is given permission to go onto the land to find love, he however loves another, so the mermaid is doomed. Her sisters come to her aid and give their hair away to help her, sadly they all die. Here is the closest story I can find to the tale I remember.


Well there you go, that’s just a few, all of the fairy tales we tell today have very dark beginnings. Did you have fluffy happy ever after tales or where your’s the frighten the life out of you tales. I will admit I prefer the unhappy endings :D (Well they are closer to life), and they haven’t done me any harm…have they…have they?


And it’s Still Hot

The wonderful electrical storms we have had over Friday and Saturday have done nothing to clear or cool the air, they did however flood the bottom of the garden again.

It’s been a fun filled weekend again, Friday night it was off to The Old Joint Stock (the hot squashed-up place, but it was the only place the play was on) to see Under The Sun by Big Script. 6 short plays each with a different theme, I couldn’t pick a favorite they were all really good and thought provoking. I think they are at the Edinburgh fringe festival, so if you live close to that you could go and see for yourself.

Then Saturday I went to a hen night (or is it on a hen night)? Either way it was a good night out, nice food and lot’s of laughs.

And as we head into a new week I am sure you want to be reminded that there are only 158 days to go.

Your Name Comes from Saturn

You are a hard worker, and you take your responsibilities seriously.
Some people may find you to be cold, but your sense of humor is hard to pick up on at first.

You have always been an old soul, and you tend to be the teacher in most relationships.
You are often too hard on yourself but only because you are trying to be the best person possible.